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The Spring Guide Comes out February 11th

It’s only a matter of time before the Spring Thaw rolls around.  It’s time to start thinking about how you will spend those warmer days ahead.  Maybe you want to hit the gym a little harder with a new fitness class or workout membership?  Is it finally time to register for those swimming lessons you’ve been meaning to get the kids into? Or have you decided that THIS is the year you will start painting again?

Whatever your motivation, don’t lose momentum!  Set a reminder on your calendar to download the Spring Guide on February 11th so you can choose which class(es) and location(s) will work best for your schedule.

With over 425 unique classes scheduled at multiple times and locations, you are sure to find something for every member of the family. Speaking of family, consider signing up for a cooking or fitness class with a family member and be sure to browse our family one-day trips!

Want to pre-load your account for faster registration? Follow the instructions we posted for pre-paying for Summer Camp in last month’s RECord.