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Relax and Get Your Hands Dirty with a Pottery Class at White Oak (video)

When you step into the pottery room at the White Oak Community Recreation Center you can feel your shoulders immediately relax. Sure, you know you are going to get dirty, but there is something in all of us that just wants to dig our bare hands into a pile of clay and start creating. There is music playing and soft conversation in the background. There are pottery wheels spinning methodically around and around at various speeds.

It is a time to forget work, forget the kids, and forget about whatever the politicians are arguing about on TV. It is time to focus on you and that clay. 

 The White Oak Community Recreation Center has its own, dedicated pottery room. There is plenty of workspace, a slab roller, a large supply of tools, several wheels, and three kilns. Instructor, Pamela Reid, makes the pottery glaze herself and there are cabinets to store the pieces until they are ready to go home.

Sign up for a 10-week session and make an unlimited amount of pottery. Each class is two hours and artists of all levels and abilities are welcome. There is a $25 material fee due to the instructor at the start of the session.

For more information on pottery classes either at White Oak or one of the other Montgomery County Recreation locations visit the Arts & Crafts page of the Recreation website and scroll down to Pottery.