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Get ready for Winter with The Nov. 2 Montgomery County Recreation Guide

 Winter registration for recreation classes opens November 12 and you can download the Guide starting November 2nd. The Guide is available online starting November 2 and is the #1 recreation resource in Montgomery County to help you find upcoming community events including holiday parties, begin that swimming regime, search through indoor fitness classes, or find something creative to keep the kids busy this winter.

Subscribe to the Montgomery County Recreation Guide to make sure you never miss one. For just $5 you’ll receive all 5 seasons of The Guide right in your mailbox.

Be sure to sign up for Montgomery County RecAlerts for the latest field and community center information in the event of a storm or other emergency.

Winter Birthdays are a Blast with Recreation!

Winter birthdays can be a challenge for parents because the weather can be tricky. Let Montgomery County Recreation help! Here are just a few options to help you throw an easy and cost-effective indoor party for your child and plenty of their friends. For a detailed look at the rooms available at each Community Recreation Center visit the recreation website.

Stay Warm with a Swim Party

Image credit: blue_one via SXC ( )

Choose from one of four indoor pools to host a warm and toasty swim party even in the middle of winter. It’s easy to schedule and lots of fun for kids of all ages. Simply fill out a request form and be sure to read the birthday party guidelines online where you can also see the available days and times for each of the four indoor pools. Kids will enjoy all the benefits of the pool and then you’ll have a party room where you can bring in and enjoy pizza and cake after the swim.

 Dance Party
There comes a time when kids outgrow the craft stage, but everyone likes to dance! This is one of the easiest parties to throw because you simply rent a community room at a nearby Community Recreation Center, bring an iPod loaded with your child's favorite dance tunes, hang some decorations, and bring a collection of props and small prizes or candy. The are so many games you can play during a dance party including Hoola hoop contests, trivia contests, musical chairs, freeze dance, karaoke, dance move contest, and more. Ask about room rentals and any equipment you might need at the front desk of the Rec center where you want to have your party.

Ping Pong or Pool Game Room Party

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A number of Community Recreation Centers have game rooms that are fully equipped with pool tables, ping-pong tables, and more. Plan a party with a tournament theme and have prizes for all the participants. Game room rental fees vary so contact the Rec center of your choice to book your party. 

Get Messy with an Art Party
Design your own art project and bring the supplies, or hire someone to help. Either way, we have the space to host an art party so you don’t have to worry about your house getting messy. Be sure to plan enough time for clean up before you cut the cake!

Break up the Boredom with a Winter Break Camp

Staying home this holiday season and afraid the kids will complain of boredom? Sign them up for one of our Winter Break Camps where they are sure to have fun! Extended before and after care is available in some instances.

 Coach Doug Club Holiday

Ages 3 -5 Half Day, Ages 5 -13 Full Day.
Kids will enjoy age appropriate sports, games, arts & crafts plus time to hang out with friends. Campers will participate in organized activities as well as special events and can choose their activities based on their own needs. Sports include soccer, basketball, kickball and others. In addition, there will be games as well as non-competitive activities designed for everyone's enjoyment. Bring a bag lunch. Price includes all materials.
Note: Ages 3-5 will rotate through age appropriate activities and may only register for the half-day session!

Half Day Program: 3 Sessions $60 (course 336991)
Cabin John Middle School 12/26-12/28 9:30am -12:30pm

Full Day Program: 3 Sessions $113 (course 336992)
Cabin John Middle School 12/26-12/28 9:30am - 3:30pm

Coach Doug Club Holiday Extended Day
Ages 3-12: Children registered for Club Holiday, are eligible
to register for an extended day program for an additional
fee. The extended program provides supervised informal
recreational activities for participants before and after Club
Holiday. Half day participants are eligible for AM sessions
3 Sessions $20
Instructor: Coach Doug Academy, Inc.
337025 Cabin John MS 12/26 W-F 3:30pm - 6:00pm
337477 Cabin John MS 12/26 W-F 7:00am - 9:30am

Karate Clinics Winter Break
“Image via"
Ages 6-12: This clinic provides diversified and intensive Tang Soo Do style Korean karate and jujitsu instruction for all ability levels. It includes basic motion, kata, one-step sparring, falling, take downs, throwing, exam preparation, and more. Students are grouped by belt level and age where appropriate. An optional exam will be offered for an additional $35, payable to TKA.
4 Sessions $53
Instructor: TKA, Inc.
337428 Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center 12/26 W-M 9:00am -11:30am

Get Cooking for the Holidays for Yourself and for Others

For many of us, the first image that comes to mind when we think about the holidays is that of food. Whether it’s the turkey and mashed potatoes of a Thanksgiving dinner, or the bright colors of decorative holiday cookies, food images flood our head even before the holiday music hits the airwaves.
This is the perfect time of year to try one of our unique holiday cooking classes. Whether you want to impress your friends and family at your next dinner party, or you are looking for ideas for holiday gifts, you’ll find help with one of these three courses. The classes make nice early gifts, themselves!


Holiday Baking

Image via nkzs on SXC

12/6 at White Oak Community Recreation Center 6:30-7:30 pm (course 339102)
If you are looking for goodies to fill your holiday cookie jar, join us for a fun class filled with sweet treats sure to compliment your grandmother’s recipes.  Participants will prepare homemade fudge, decorative spritz cookies, macaroons and gingerbread spice cookies. Bring a cookie tin to carry home the leftovers, and your sweet tooth to sample! A $15 fee is due to the instructor the day of the class.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen
 Image via nkzs on SXC

12/11 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center 6:30 – 9:30 pm (course 339374)
Think about all those people you would like to thank this holiday season: the crossing guard that keeps kids safe, the nurse who knows how to give a painless flu shot, the fitness instructor who keeps you feeling fit, the friendly check out person at the grocery store who always makes you laugh… Why not thank them this year with an easy yet meaningful gift from your kitchen?

This course will show you how to make a variety of tasty treats that can easily be wrapped and packaged as gifts including Soups-in-a-Jar which contain everything needed for a fresh pot of soup (just add water!), Mamie Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge, and a holiday bar cookie that will delight taste buds. Participants will learn about wrapping and packaging for food gifts, and will enjoy snacking. A $20 food and material fee is required.

Holiday Party Wines and Sparklers!
12/7 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center 7:00 – 10:00 pm (course 339365)
Join us for a course about pairing holiday meals with festive wines.  Must be 21 or over to register. Participants will get to experience nine different wines covering a range of tastes and price: three sparkling wines including a French Champagne, and at least one dessert port wine. See what pairs best with appetizers, desserts, and chocolate.  You’ll receive take home recipes and will enjoy plenty to eat so bring an empty stomach and a cleansed palate!

Therapeutic Highlight: Karate for Individuals with Disabilities

Image via pnijhuis on SXC

Martial arts classes offer many benefits for kids and adults in the therapeutic program. In addition to the obvious benefit of getting physical exercise, this course offers the opportunity for participants ages six and up to work on balance, coordination, motor skills, and sensory processing skills. Classes will include stretching, arm and leg movements, and drills, in a comfortable environment to help participants with social skills and self esteem.  According to therapeutic recreation specialist Matt Rowe, “The students learn all of the skills and forms that mainstream students do but there is a lot more individual attention and a slower pace. They compete in the same tournaments as everyone else and earn the same belts for the same skill levels.”
Classes take place on Saturdays at Holiday Park Senior Center starting January 5, 2013 and run for 10 weeks. New students take the 9:00 am class.  See course 338000 and 338001 in the Guide for details.