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Take a Break from Winter with a One-Day Family Trip

Let us do the driving! Sure, you can pack everyone in the car for a day trip downtown or out to the country, but why not let us do the driving and you can connect with your family during the ride?  Here are just some of the upcoming Family Entertainment & Exciting Trips (FEET) that you can find regularly in the Guide. For details and questions call 240-777-4933.

Beat Winter Blues at the U.S. Botanic Garden
February 13, 2013
#344442, Leaves at 9:30 am and returns at 4:00 pm

 Image credit: U.S. Botanic Garden

There may be snow on the ground for this trip, but stepping inside the indoor gardens of the Conservatory of the U.S. Botanic Garden will warm you to the core as you tour the vast collection of plants from tropical, subtropical and arid regions. Of particular note are the orchids, as well as the medicinal and endangered plants. Enjoy almost 29,000 square feet of indoor gardens and courtyards; then we all head to Union Station for lunch. The cost for this trip is $39.00 per person and includes transportation. Lunch is on your own.

Snow Tubing at Whitetail for Family Memories
February 23, 2013
#344246, Leaves 8:00 am and returns 3:30 pm

Image Credit: Whitetail Resort

Swoosh! There you go, headed down the slopes, bouncing, giggling and laughing as your snow tube comes to a halt. This beats sledding hands-down!  
will take care of supplying the snow tubes, and helping you get up the mountain on the “magic carpet.”  Everyone in the family can enjoy this activity and will leave with memories of a day spent having fun, together. Kids ages 5 and up can ride the 10 groomed tubing lanes while little ones have their own kiddie tubing run. Take a break inside the lodge with hot cocoa and a snack on your own. Then head out for more tubing fun! Be sure to dress appropriately and each participant will need to sign a release form. Trip fee is $49 and includes transportation and admission to the tubing park.