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Sliding into Fun at the Indoor Swim Centers

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Montgomery County Recreation offers a lot more than swimming and diving at our Aquatic Centers. One of the most popular features of the indoor swim centers in Montgomery County are slides! Kids and adults love the twists, turns and final burst into the water of the extra long slides at the Germantown and Kennedy-Shriver indoor swim centers. For these long slides you have to be 48” in height or taller. In addition, kids of all ages and heights can enjoy several shorter slides at Germantown, Kennedy-Shriver, and Olney swim centers including tot slides, tubes, and steep dips that all end in a big splash!

What better way to cure the chilly winter blues?

Grab you suits and towels and head over to the pool during a designated recreational swim. You might want to check the facility schedule on the Montgomery County Recreation website and call ahead to make sure the slides are open. Then, enjoy!

Here’s how one family celebrated a birthday by sliding into the Germantown Indoor pool: