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Look for the New Summer Camp Guide in January!

It’s time to grab that shiny new 2014 calendar and turn to the warmer months, because even though you haven’t put away all the holiday decorations yet, Summer Camp registration is around the corner!

Mark your calendar with these dates!
·         January 10 – Summer Camp Guides arrive
·         January 21 – Summer Camp Registration opens

Where can you get the Guide?
Online: Download a PDF version of the Guide at
Pick One Up: Stop by any Montgomery County Recreation facility or Parks facility to pick up a free copy while supplies last. Or, most county government buildings and libraries have copies, as well.
At Home: Never miss a Guide! You can subscribe to receive all 5 Guides for just $5 by calling 240-777-6840 or online using RecWeb.

Start Paying for Summer Camp Today!
The pinch of summer camp won’t feel as bad if you start setting aside the money now to pay for it. You can put it directly into your Recreation account on RecWeb!
Here’s how:

1. Visit RecWeb on the Montgomery County Recreation website
2. Click “My Account” in the navigation bar at the top
3. Click “Make a Payment” on the left column
4. Check off “Pay a specific amount” and complete your credit card information

Prenatal and New Mommy classes

Prenatal Water Fitness (9 sessions, $59)
Get a full-body workout in the water where you feel lighter and the pregnancy swelling subsides! We’ll be using water for resistance training.
368515 starting 1/3 at Germantown Indoor Swim Center from 9:30 – 10:20 am
Aqua Mommy (9 sessions, $59)
Bring your baby (6 months of age and up) and workout together! Your little one will get used to the water while you meet new friends and get a workout. Pre-Natal moms welcome too!
368514 starting 1/3 at Germantown Indoor Swim Center from 10:30 – 11:20 am

Vini Easy Going Yoga (10 sessions, $125)
This class is not specific to pre- or post-natal participants, though it’s focus is more on easy-going movements and rhythmic breathing techniques that increase energy and release tension. Bring a mat or towel.
369282 starting 1/16 at Potomac Community Recreation Center from 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

Funfit Tots (sessions and costs vary)
Funfit has been offering movement classes for toddlers and their parents since 1987. These are high-energy classes that include songs, stories, music, parachutes, balls, and more that keep everyone moving and grooving. Little ones enjoy working on their motor skills, coordination,  socialization and cooperation skills while parents enjoy interacting with their child in a unique environment. There are classes in various age ranges including ages 1-2, ages 2-3, and ages 18 months to 4 years.
For a complete listing of course numbers, dates and course fees see page 65 of The Guide.

Winter Trips That Celebrate the Snow

 Images via

For Active Seniors Age 55+

Ski Whitetail Mountain Resort ($25 per person)
The slopes are calling and the December snowstorms have helped to build a good base.  Join us for a day trip to Whitetail to explore 23 ski trails with varying degrees of difficulty.  Beginners can sign up for a lesson and experts can work their legs on the black diamond trails. Everyone can enjoy the warmth of the lodge when they need a break.  Fee of $25 includes transportation. Lift ticket, equipment rental, and lunch or refreshments are on your own. Whitetail Mountain Resort is located in the Tuscarora Mountains in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. For a trail map visit
355006 on 1/22 bus leaves at 8:00 am and returns at 4:30 pm

For Active Families of All Ages

Snow tubing at Whitetail ($59 per person)
No skills required for snow tubing! All generations can enjoy zooming down the mountain on a cushion of air on one of 10 neatly groomed tubing lanes. Little ones ages 2-4 have a special "kiddie hill" to keep them safely entertained. Everyone else (ages 5 to 95) can ride the big hill. Bring a camera to capture all the smiles! Whitetail Mountain Resort has one of the largest tubing operations on the east coast and provides a gentle ride up the mountain on a moving 'carpet' before your exciting ride down! Fee of $59 per person includes admission ticket and transportation.
370180 on 2/22 bus leaves at 8:00 am and returns at 3:30 pm

Jazz Up Your Weekly Menu With A Cooking Class!

Images via nosheep and nkzs on sxc

 Cooking Skills 1 (1 sessions, $65)
Don’t be intimidated by the kitchen. Cooking can be easy and fun when you are comfortable with the basics. This course will teach participants basic knife skills including how to slice, dice, and chop in a safe, efficient way; then learn how to sharpen your knives. We’ll learn the difference between sauté, stew, roast and braise while we prepare a gourmet lunch and then dine together as a class. Come hungry because we’ll be preparing shrimp and cheese grits, Tuscan roast pork with apples and vegetables, a salad with homemade dressing, and fruit cobbler for dessert.  An $18 food fee is due the instructor at the start of class.
369783 on 1/18 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Italian Wines and Fare (1 session, $55)
This class is for participants who are age 21 and over. In this class Chef James Davis will share his appreciation for Italian cuisine and tips for pairing these dishes with wine. We’ll prepare and enjoy a Tuscan white bean soup, a Tagliatelle pasta with asparagus and gorgonzola, and an oil-poached halibut with fennel and tomatoes.  Learn how to match these dishes, and those of similar ingredients or taste, with a variety of wines. Bring home recipes and wine notes so you can recreate the experience for friends and family! A $25 wine and food fee is due the instructor at the start of class.
369779 on 1/10 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center from 7:00-10:00 pm

Throw a Winter Dinner Party (1 sessions, $65)
Having company after the holidays but don’t have any idea what to make? In this course we’ll prepare unique, and hearty dishes that will warm your guests on even the coldest of nights. You will be surprised how easy it is! How about asparagus soup with a parmesan custard, a delicious veal stew served over homemade noodles, and a lemon panna cotta with blackberry sauce for dessert?  Bring your appetite and your recipe book to jot down ideas. An $18 food fee is due the instructor at the start of class.
369784 on 1/25 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Five Reasons to Sign Up for Lifeguard Training

Image via tzankov on sxc

Training to be a lifeguard will prepare you for a job that is not only valuable, it’s fun! Though job security is only one reason to train to be a lifeguard, here are five reasons to take one of our Lifeguard Training courses that are 9 sessions for only $195.

1. Be Certified to Save a Life – When you graduate this course you’ll receive certification in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR/AED. These are skills that can help save a life in or out of the pool

2. Job Security Without a College Degree – Lifeguarding is a position that requires special training which means there are not a lot of people who can apply for these job openings.  In addition, lifeguards are needed all year long and it’s one job that pays well even if you don’t have a college degree.

3. Training and Leadership Always Look Good on a Resume – Even if you are not planning to work long term as a lifeguard, employers in any field like to see a person who has taken the initiative to go through training, and exhibits leadership skills required when lives are at stake.

4. Stay in Shape – Lifeguard training requires you to swim 300 meters, tread water for 2 minutes with just your legs, and surface dive to 7-10 feet and retrieve an object. You’ll be motivated to stay in shape during and after your training so that you know if needed, you have the stamina to rescue someone.

5. Personal accomplishment – Lifeguard training is not easy. Training is twice a week, 3 hours at a time for 9 sessions. This is a course that will test you physically, mentally, and socially. Training with a group will help you learn be a part of a team. The personal reward you will feel at the end when you and your classmates receive certifications will last a lifetime.

Lifeguard training is available at Germantown Aquatic Center, Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, Martin Luther King, Jr. Aquatic Center, and the Olney Swim Center.  For a complete list of courses, dates and locations see pages 17-21 in the Winter Guide.