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Miss The Guide? Subscribe!

In an effort to save taxpayer money and be environmentally friendly, we have made some changes in the way we print and distribute the Montgomery County Recreation Guide.

The Guide is available 24/7 in a pdf download version on our website. This file can be conveniently accessed on a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

For those of you that really miss having a hard copy of The Guide, we have a cost-effective way for you to keep receiving it at your home or business!
For just a $5.00 annual fee we'll mail all five Guides (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Summer Camps) right to your mailbox. This $5 charge will cover the postage for mailing the Guides. 

You can subscribe to The Guide via RecWeb, by mailing a check, or by faxing your request to Montgomery County Recreation. For more information on subscribing visit the Recreation website.