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14-Year-Old Diver Overcomes Significant Challenges

The Montgomery County Recreation Department has earned an excellent national reputation for its premium diving facilities. This past summer the Department hosted a training camp for the 2012 US Olympic Dive Team prior to departure for the Games in London. The excellent facilities and the strong partnership with Montgomery Dive Club has made the program one of the most prestigious and competitive diving programs in the country. 

The Recreation Department recently worked with NBC 4 to share the story of Melissa Novak, a 14-year-old National Dive Team member who has overcome significant challenges to dive competitively at the national level and will likely be a top competitor in the 2016 Olympic trials. The interview was taped in December at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver Aquatic Center in North Bethesda where Melissa trains.

Melissa lives in Frederick and is driven by her mother each weekday to the Kennedy Shriver Center. This speaks volumes not only about the teen’s dedication to diving but to the quality of the programs, staff and facilities – such as the Shriver and Germantown Centers -- that are available through Montgomery County Recreation and are attracting out-of-county swimmers and divers.