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Polar Bear Swim March 2nd…BRRRRRRRRR!!! (not really)

Montgomery County Recreation and Leisure for Individuals with Disabilities and their families and friends can have fun together on Saturday, March 2nd at the POLAR BEAR FAMILY SWIMMING POOL PARTY at 7:30 pm.  All are invited.

Swim a few laps, streak down the water slides, shoot baskets or relax in the leisure pool/hot tub at the Germantown Indoor Swim Center. $4.00 per person; $6.00 for non-residents, bring your swimsuit, towel and backpack to keep your belongings in. All attending must register and come in swim attire. Register under course #344096. The Germantown Swim Center is located in the South Germantown Recreational Park, 18000 Central Park Circle, Boyds. Pick up time is 9:30 pm.