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SwiMontgomery is the Perfect Maintenance Program for The Summer Competitor

SwiMontgomery is a developmental program for kids 12 and under who are interested in swimming competitively or who compete in the summer but aren’t ready to swim year round competitively. This 8-week program is held twice a week and helps to develop a foundation of skills. Participants are evaluated and assigned to groups based on their previous knowledge and demonstrated skill. 

For young summer swimmers, this program will help them retain the skills they developed during the summer months. It will also help with conditioning so when it is time to start back to a daily swim routine they will be ready to go!

SwiMontgomery is offered at all four indoor swim centers: MLK, Germantown, Kennedy Shriver and Olney. Fee is $190 for 16 sessions. For more information and course numbers see page 13 of The Recreation Guide.