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Fitness Success Meet Marlene – ACT the Workout Helped Her Recover after Major Cancer Surgery

 Image credit: E. Chait

Her team of doctors was nothing but shocked when just three weeks post surgery, Marlene Chait was back to her ACT the Workout class.

She explains, “They kept asking me, do you feel pain? Are you in pain? And I said no! I need to get back to Marie and my workout class!”

68 year old Chait has been taking ACT the Workout three times a week for over 15 years and working out with ACT instructor Maria Castellucci for over 25 years. Last summer she was diagnosed with dangerous uterine cancer and within weeks had a complete hysterectomy.

According to Marlene her doctors told her she was very lucky that it was caught early. She shares, “They said everything is fine now, and that I recovered so quickly because I’m in shape and I take care of myself.”

Chait credits ACT the Workout for her physical strength and positive outlook.
“Marie is so upbeat and we sing and dance during part of the workout. It doesn’t feel like exercise because we are having so much fun!”

ACT the Workout is a fitness program that incorporates weights, floor exercises and aerobics to help you strengthen and tone all of your muscles including your cardiovascular system! ACT passes can be purchased in 3-month increments with 12 to 36 passes. Use the passes as they fit into your schedule! One week you might go twice a week, another week you might only go once a week. Class times vary and are held at the following community recreation centers: Bauer, Potomac, Praisner and Wheaton.  For more information see page 52 of the Spring Guide or contact instructor Marie Castellucci at