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Special Needs Community Benefits from One on One Support with Adapted Aquatics Classes

Montgomery County Recreation is now offering aquatics classes developed for swimmers that need one on one support because of one or a combination of the following: physical assistance, behavioral, sensory, cognitive, expressive or receptive language needs. Instructors will lead participants through a range of water experiences that encourage independence in the water, socializing and specific swimming or exercise skills and routines. To ensure success in these programs, a parent or caregiver must enter the water and participate in the class (except where noted). On the first day of class, please check in at the front desk and complete the information sheet on the participant, then head through the locker rooms. There is generally only one Special Needs changing room, so be prepared to wait.
Classes include swim lessons for kids ages 5 to 14, lessons for older kids age 14 to adult, and water exercise classes. For more information on classes see the story about Adapted Aquatics in last month’s RECord.