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Senior Exercise Classes

Image via Holy Cross Hospital

It’s important for seniors to keep moving! Using muscles and bones can help prevent them from deteriorating. In addition, getting to an exercise class can help improve mental and emotional wellbeing in seniors as they connect with their peers in a healthy, social setting. We offer a variety of classes tailored for participants age 55 and over.

Senior Fit
Senior Fit was designed especially for seniors age 55 and older to promote independence and socialization through physical fitness. This is a 45-minute class with a focus on strength and flexibility. This class is offered in partnership with Holy Cross Hospital and participants must have a doctor’s permission note.
Locations and times vary. See page 84 of The Spring Guide.

Senior Shape
Senior Shape classes are offered in partnership with Suburban Hospital for a nominal fee of $30 for 3 months. Through these classes seniors will improve their strength, flexibility, stability, balance and get a low-impact aerobic workout. Classes offered include aerobics/stretch, weight training, advanced weight training, and stability ball. Call Suburban Hospital at 301-896-3939.
Locations and times vary. See page 84 of The Spring Guide.

Bone Builders
These classes are taught by volunteers and sponsored by Montgomery County Health and Human Services and help prevent and slow the development of osteoporosis while increasing bone density naturally. Each one-hour session includes balance and weight training.
Locations and times vary. See page 89 of The Spring Guide.

Tai Chi
Not all exercise classes have to make you sweat! Tai Chi is perfect for the over 55 crowd because it is low impact, and you don’t need any equipment! Tai Chi has been known to help seniors improve balance, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation through the practice of doing self-defense movements, breathing techniques, and meditation at a slower pace. Tai Chi is offered at a variety of recreation and senior centers. Consult The Guide for a complete list.  Check out the video below to see Tai Chi in action at the Long Branch Senior Center: