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4 Games To Play At The Indoor Pool

 Image via Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing better in the winter than a group of kids playing safely together in the indoor pool. Siblings seem to forget to argue in the water, new friends are made, and everyone gets a little break from the cold outside. Be sure to read the pool rules and regulations before heading out, and always be courteous of other swimmers, but here are a few suggestions for games a small group of children can play in a shallow area of the pool.

Sharks vs. Minnows – One player is the shark and all the other players are “minnows” and line up against the wall.  The shark stands in the middle of the pool and says, “1-2-3 all the minnows in the sea, SWIM!”  The minnows try to make it to the other side of the pool without being tagged by the shark.  If a minnow is tagged, he then becomes a shark and helps tag minnows until there is only one minnow remaining.  The last “minnow’ swimming is the winner.

Marco, Polo – Introduce your kids to this classic pool game.  Select one player as “Marco.”  Marco shuts his or her eyes, and says, “Marco” while the other players respond by saying, “Polo.”  Marco tries to swim towards the “Polo” players by listening to their voices. Once Marco tags a “Polo” player, that person becomes Marco.

Diving for Toys – Drop a variety of diving sticks or special dive toys that will sink into the shallow end of the pool and have swimmers collect them.  The person who collects the most toys wins.  You can break up into teams for this, too!

Floating Toys –Drop floating toys into a pool and see who can collect the most within a certain amount of time.