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Fitness Success Story: Victoria Quit Her Job Then Became Committed to Her Health

Victoria Paton found her fitness success after leaving her job and starting her own business. She explains, "When I left my job I made a commitment to myself to not sit behind a desk all day. I wanted to take better care of my health." Now she works her own schedule as a senior community counselor for Au Pair in America.

Victoria found out that Potomac Community Center had 9:00 am aerobics classes which fit her schedule perfectly. She would drop her kids off at school and then get in an hour or more of work sitting in her car in the parking lot as she waited for her class to star.

"Now I am “in a meeting” three days a week from 9:00 to 10:00 am for my aerobics class. I built it into my schedule and block off that time for fitness." she says.

Victoria takes 5 to 8 fitness classes per week. She has lost over 20 lbs and dropped two clothing sizes. She credits three things for keeping her going, "One, Jackie Sorensen Aerobic Dancing is a well-tested brand and in one hour you work every muscle. Two, the classes are affordable through Montgomery County. And three, it's a nice community of people who take the class. We look after each other."

Plus, she explains, "where else can a single mom with two jobs shut down her brain and dance for an hour?!?!"

Feeling inspired to sign up? We offer a variety of dance and fitness classes at locations around the County. To learn more visit the “fitness and wellness” class page of the website. For more information on Jackie Sorensen Aerobic Dancing classes at Potomac Community Recreation Center go to RecWeb or call 240-777-4980.