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Explore! Take a Ride on the Bike Paths Around Martin Luther King Community Recreation Center

Get the family out for a bike ride on a paved path that takes you on a tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Park. Enjoy not one, but three trails that can accommodate bikes, scooters, strollers, runners and walkers. The “perimeter trail” is 1.2 miles long and travels around the outside edge of the park, crossing Jackson Road twice. The “Heart Smart” trail is .8 miles long and loops around inside the road with views of the local pond. The “pond loop” trail is perfect for little walks around the pond to check out the wild life that thrive in the area.

Bring a picnic and your swim suit to cool off in the outdoor pool with its Lazy River and Super Slides, or take a dip in the indoor pool at the MLK Swim Center that is in the same park area!