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“Be Active Montgomery!” with these 3 Summer Games, Check Out Website for More

We want to help you and your family Be Active Montgomery! this summer so we have created a Be Active Montgomery! page on the Montgomery County Recreation website that is filled with lots of ideas that are easy, fun, and exciting for the whole family! PLUS – you’ll want to clear your calendar for June 8th to join us for a day of free programming at the BeActive Montgomery! Kickoff at South Germantown Recreational Park from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

You can find wellness tips, check out local resources, find out where you can Be Active Montgomery!, and check out a list of games to play outside or in the pool. Below are some of the game suggestions that offer a great alternative to electronic games or TV. Get everyone up and outside running around this summer! For more game ideas, visit Be Active Montgomery! games

Image Credit: Wikipedia commons

Flash Light Tag
This can be played several different ways. Here are three suggestions that will work inside or outside. The only requirement is that it needs to be dark, and you have to have at least one flashlight!
Method 1 – Everyone hides and only the seeker has a flashlight. You are ‘out’ when seeker finds you, flashes the light on you and calls your name. First or last person to be found becomes the next seeker.

Method 2 – Everyone has a flashlight and runs around finding the other players. Flash your light quickly or you’ll be ‘out’.

Method 3 – Everyone has a flashlight and pairs up. Pairs choose a flash ‘signal’ then hide from the seeker. Pairs are safe when they find each other using their ‘signal’ but are not found by the seeker. Game is over when someone is ‘out’ and found/flashed by the seeker.

This can be played in daylight or in the dark. One person is “it” (the sardine) and finds a roomy hiding place while everyone else is in another area. After counting to 25 everyone tries to find the sardine and join him/her in the hiding place. The last person to find the sardine is “it” in the next game.

Freeze Dance
Grab a radio, or iPod, some friends, and make room to dance! One person is in charge of the radio while the other players dance to the music. When the music volume is off, the players must stop dancing. Anyone who keeps moving (or giggling) after the music stops is ‘out’ of the dance competition. Winner gets to hold the music in the next game.