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Therapeutic Highlight: Karate for Individuals with Disabilities

Image via pnijhuis on SXC

Martial arts classes offer many benefits for kids and adults in the therapeutic program. In addition to the obvious benefit of getting physical exercise, this course offers the opportunity for participants ages six and up to work on balance, coordination, motor skills, and sensory processing skills. Classes will include stretching, arm and leg movements, and drills, in a comfortable environment to help participants with social skills and self esteem.  According to therapeutic recreation specialist Matt Rowe, “The students learn all of the skills and forms that mainstream students do but there is a lot more individual attention and a slower pace. They compete in the same tournaments as everyone else and earn the same belts for the same skill levels.”
Classes take place on Saturdays at Holiday Park Senior Center starting January 5, 2013 and run for 10 weeks. New students take the 9:00 am class.  See course 338000 and 338001 in the Guide for details.