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Winter Birthdays are a Blast with Recreation!

Winter birthdays can be a challenge for parents because the weather can be tricky. Let Montgomery County Recreation help! Here are just a few options to help you throw an easy and cost-effective indoor party for your child and plenty of their friends. For a detailed look at the rooms available at each Community Recreation Center visit the recreation website.

Stay Warm with a Swim Party

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Choose from one of four indoor pools to host a warm and toasty swim party even in the middle of winter. It’s easy to schedule and lots of fun for kids of all ages. Simply fill out a request form and be sure to read the birthday party guidelines online where you can also see the available days and times for each of the four indoor pools. Kids will enjoy all the benefits of the pool and then you’ll have a party room where you can bring in and enjoy pizza and cake after the swim.

 Dance Party
There comes a time when kids outgrow the craft stage, but everyone likes to dance! This is one of the easiest parties to throw because you simply rent a community room at a nearby Community Recreation Center, bring an iPod loaded with your child's favorite dance tunes, hang some decorations, and bring a collection of props and small prizes or candy. The are so many games you can play during a dance party including Hoola hoop contests, trivia contests, musical chairs, freeze dance, karaoke, dance move contest, and more. Ask about room rentals and any equipment you might need at the front desk of the Rec center where you want to have your party.

Ping Pong or Pool Game Room Party

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A number of Community Recreation Centers have game rooms that are fully equipped with pool tables, ping-pong tables, and more. Plan a party with a tournament theme and have prizes for all the participants. Game room rental fees vary so contact the Rec center of your choice to book your party. 

Get Messy with an Art Party
Design your own art project and bring the supplies, or hire someone to help. Either way, we have the space to host an art party so you don’t have to worry about your house getting messy. Be sure to plan enough time for clean up before you cut the cake!