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Look for the New Summer Camp Guide in January!

It’s time to grab that shiny new 2014 calendar and turn to the warmer months, because even though you haven’t put away all the holiday decorations yet, Summer Camp registration is around the corner!

Mark your calendar with these dates!
·         January 10 – Summer Camp Guides arrive
·         January 21 – Summer Camp Registration opens

Where can you get the Guide?
Online: Download a PDF version of the Guide at
Pick One Up: Stop by any Montgomery County Recreation facility or Parks facility to pick up a free copy while supplies last. Or, most county government buildings and libraries have copies, as well.
At Home: Never miss a Guide! You can subscribe to receive all 5 Guides for just $5 by calling 240-777-6840 or online using RecWeb.

Start Paying for Summer Camp Today!
The pinch of summer camp won’t feel as bad if you start setting aside the money now to pay for it. You can put it directly into your Recreation account on RecWeb!
Here’s how:

1. Visit RecWeb on the Montgomery County Recreation website
2. Click “My Account” in the navigation bar at the top
3. Click “Make a Payment” on the left column
4. Check off “Pay a specific amount” and complete your credit card information