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What To Do About Inclement Weather

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Winter weather can come on strong. Be sure to sign up for Rec Alerts to receive notifications via text or email. In addition, closures and cancellations are announced on WTOP-FM 103.5, WWWT-AM 1500 and WMAL-AM 630. If there is a weather advisory, the following rules will determine if classes are held:

The Community Use of Public Facilities determines if classes are held during inclement weather. 
On weekdays, when schools are closed all day due to inclement weather ALL countywide  Community Recreation Center  activities, games, practices and classes are cancelled, regardless of location.
When schools have a delayed opening, Tiny Tots classes that begin prior to noon are cancelled, but all other recreation and community center activities will meet as scheduled.
On weekends, closures are determined by the Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF). You may call the Recreation Inclement Weather Line at 240-777-6889, or call CUPF at 240-777-2706. If these facilities are closed, then ALL scheduled Montgomery County Recreation activities, games, practices and classes are cancelled.
In the event that scheduled programs are cancelled, aquatic and community centers may be open for drop-in activities. Please call the facilities directly for information.