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Why Diving is a Great Sport for Kids

Everyone knows that Montgomery County Aquatics has an excellent swimming program for lessons and competitive swimmers. You might even be aware that Montgomery County played host to the US Olympic Diving Team just before they left for London in 2012.  But did you know that kids as young as age 5 can start learning to dive off spring boards as well as platforms?

We sat down with Monica Spurgeon whose daughter, Caroline, has been diving for two years to find out what drew them to diving as a sport.

MCR: What made Caroline try diving in the first place?

MS: The summer when she was 5 years old I noticed that she was really good at gymnastics and she loved diving into the pool. I thought we should try it now when she was young because sometimes kids are more fearful as they get a few years older.

MCR: What makes diving a good sport for kids?

MS: It’s easier on your body than gymnastics, but still a great way to burn off that energy.  Plus, you have to learn to swim as well when you dive and so as a safety thing, it’s always good to know how to swim to the edge of a pool as a child.

MCR: What do you like most about diving?

MS: The coaches are young adults who are very enthusiastic and get the kids excited. You can tell they really love the sport and have fun teaching the kids. I never have to drag my daughter to diving.  She always wants to go!  I also like that this program does not have to be competitive. There are different kinds of meets but with all of them kids learn that ok, maybe they didn’t do so well but that’s ok. It’s not a sport that you are going to master right away. Kids have to be ok with not doing something well, and then they work at it, and they learn that they CAN do it.

MCR: Have you seen any real benefits to your daughter as she’s been in the diving program?

MS: Yes! She was on the 5-meter platform and almost slipped. She was really frightened and would not go up there for a few weeks. But we talked about it and she knew she would have to overcome that fear if she wanted to keep diving. And she did!