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Forms, Food and other Important Information for Campers

Camp starts next month! Make sure your camper is all set to go by reviewing the following important information and completing all necessary forms.  Not signed up yet? There are still spots available, but time is fleeting!  Register now and don’t be disappointed.  Search for camps online at RecWeb or contact Montgomery County Recreation at 240-777-6840 for suggestions.

Food at Camp
Campers are expected to bring nonperishable food and drink for the entire day. Water is always available at camp. Campers should bring snacks on swim days and/or if registered for Little People Centers or Extended Camp. Any food allergies must be clearly identified on the Health and Information Form to avoid problems. No refrigeration is available. Some camps are peanut-free zones to ensure the safety of participants.

Summer Heat
Although many campsites are air-conditioned, when code red alerts and high temperature warnings are issued, program activities may be modified. Scheduled events may be substituted with alternative activities such as less active games, water play, and indoor activities. Air-conditioning is not guaranteed.

Camper Security
For your child's safety, only the individual(s) designated on the Health and Information Form can pick up your child. Additionally, the person completing the health form is the only one who can add or delete individuals with pick-up authority.

Camp Forms
Parents of campers will receive an email with instructions and forms including the ones listed below. Take a look at the information required, in the event you need to contact your medical provider prior to receiving the camper packet.

Only required if medication must be administered at camp. Prescription medication must be submitted three weeks before session begins.

Bring to camp on the first day and each session thereafter. Please make copies to hand in.

Bring to camp on the first day

Only required for campers coming from out of state or who are home-schooled. The certification requires a doctor's signature.

For additional camper information including details about field trips, pick-up policy and the Camper Code of Conduct, visit the Camp page of the Recreation website or go to and in the left column click “Things to Do,” then click “Camps.”