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Bring Your Winter Workout to the Pool with these Aqua Fitness Classes

image via PeterK Fitness 
Deep Water Running
Deep water running is the perfect exercise for runners, tri-athletes, those recovering from an injury, or anyone who wants a cardio workout that works all muscle groups. Participants wear a deep-water belt, which can be purchased at the pool, and practice water running technique and drills.

In a study from the Department of Health Promotion and Human Performance at the University of Toledo, trained runners ran exclusively in the water for 4 weeks and experienced no change in 5 km performance time, oxygen consumption, lactate threshold, and running economy.

Deep water running classes are held at all four indoor swim centers Monday through Friday. For a complete listing of times, locations and course numbers see page 12 of The Recreation Guide.

Aqua Zumba
Take the energy and excitement of a Zumba class and stick it in a pool for greater resistance and a little splash! The fun dance music is the same, but the movements are modified for the shallow end of the pool to give you a calorie-burning workout that builds muscle and cardio endurance.

Classes are offered at the MLK, Germantown, and Olney swim centers and 9 sessions are just $48. For a complete schedule see page 11 of The Recreation Guide.

Here’s what you might expect to experience in an Aqua Zumba class:

Water Aerobics
This shallow-water aerobics class offers an intense cardio workout with very low impact to joints. Moves use resistance from the water as well as optional water equipment to strengthen muscle. The program can be modified for any fitness level.  Classes are held in the Olney, MLK, and Kennedy Shriver aquatic centers. 9 sessions cost $48. For a complete list of course dates, times and locations see page 12 of The Recreation Guide.