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Do You Have a Summer Diver or an Expert Gymnast In Your Home? Check out the Diving Springs Team!

Each 90 minute session introduces new, advanced skills including more dry-land training and a focus on strength, flexibility and conditioning. Competitions in and around the National Capitol Area are optional and will be offered to those who are interested. The program is offered in a two-, three- or four-day per week program. Additional fees include $100.00 to the Montgomery Dive Club as an annual family membership fee and $16.00 to Amateur Athlete Union. This is the perfect program for young summer league divers or for kids aged 10 and older who are comfortable in deep water and who might feel odd diving with little kids. Older divers who want to learn three meter and platform skills would also benefit from the Springs Team.
Take a look at some of the Springs Team moves when they performed during the Olympic exhibition this summer at the Germantown Aquatic Center: