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Get the Kids Away from the Screen and Onto the Dance Floor

Image credit: jungllest on SXC

In the winter when the weather is bad and daylight is short, it’s easy to let the kids have a little more screen time than you would like. This year, sign them up for one of our fun and energetic dance classes where they will want to show you the moves they have learned!  Not only will they burn off some energy, all forms of dance help kids with coordination and motor skills.

Hip Hop
Choose from Hip Hop for Kids for ages 6-8 (7 sessions #338359, 9 sessions #344438) or Hip Hop for KidZ for ages 9-12 (7 sessions #338364). Kids will learn the latest hip hop choreography and body movements while they move and groove to popular music.

Kids ages 7-13 will leave feeling good about themselves after they have a chance to develop their own dance style with the basic and power moves learned in class. 7 sessions #338355 or 9 sessions #344439.

Bollywood for Kids
Kids ages 6-10 will enjoy the fast paced and energetic music that accompanies them as they learn Bollywood style dance moves that became popular with the movie Slumdog Millionaire. 8 sessions #338331.