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Fall and Winter Swim Team

Youth swim competitions don't need to end when summer swim season ends! Montgomery County Recreation offers competitive swimming throughout the fall and winter including the opportunity to participate in USAS meets. Swimmers up to age 18 are invited to try out for the swim team operated by the Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC). Newcomer evaluations are held prior to the start of training and the number of weekly recommended practices will vary depending on the age level and group.

RMSC has practices at all four of the County indoor pools including Germantown Indoor Swim Center, Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center,  Martin Luther King Indoor Pool, and Olney Swim Center. Team levels vary starting with Minis for ages 8 and under, Juniors for ages 9-12, Advanced Juniors by coaches invitation only for ages 9-12, National Development Group by coaches invitation only for ages 11-14, Seniors for ages 13-18 and Advanced Seniors by invitation only for ages 13-18.

For detailed information including fees, practice schedule, and newcomer evaluation dates download the program flyer for the pool nearest you: