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5 Reasons Kids Thrive During Summer Camp

Social Growth
Practice, practice, practice. We have our kids practice their instruments, their multiplication tables, their spelling skills. Children need to practice their social skills, too and summer camp provides a safe, exciting environment in which to do just that. The best way to learn how to make new friends is to practice! Camp gives kids a chance to leave their regular school friends for a few weeks and broaden their horizons.

Physical Growth
We have all experienced it. You see one of your child’s friends who has been away all summer and he/she is suddenly 3 inches taller! What happened? Most likely the answer is… CAMP (and maybe some sunshine and vitamin D). We offer camps that give kids the opportunity to swim, run, climb, jump, dance, play sports, and explore the outdoors all summer long. All that activity, fresh air, and sun has been known to transform kids in positive, healthy ways.

Explore New Interests
Kids are overbooked during the school year with homework and their afterschool activities.  Summer is the time to dig deeper exploring other interests. Camp gives kids a week to really learn about and enjoy art, Lego engineering, horseback riding, fashion, or a sport they have always wanted to try, without the commitment of joining a team or taking a year-long course.

Hands-On Learning
Summer camp is a place where kids continue their education, yet they learn through hands-on experiences instead of classroom discussions. In addition to math and reading skills, children have the opportunity to develop engineering and computer skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills (some kids assume leadership roles in camp where they may be resistant to do that in school), and many children learn how to swim, which is a life-saving skill, because of camp!

Take on a New Challenge
Whether it’s perfecting that dance spin, learning how to cradle a lacrosse stick, bravely diving off the 3-meter diving platform, adding a unique element to a computer game, or making the audience laugh, for several reasons, summer camp drives kids to work toward a goal and test their inner strength in ways they never have before. Parents are not as invested in what they are learning at camp so the pressure is off. Kids are motivated by new friends and encouraged by the other campers to push themselves a little more. There is no failing at camp; there are no grades; camp does not go on your school record; so why not try?

To register for summer classes, camps and trips visit RecWeb or call 240-777-6840.