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Party Planning Tips for Using Recreation Facilities

Are you planning a big celebration this summer? Our recreation centers have hosted just about every party you can imagine from graduation, family reunions and retirement parties, to sweet 16 birthdays and dances. Here are a few tips from our expert planners to help you get your party underway.

Save money and Rent a Community Room at Your Local Community Recreation Center
Party planners love Montgomery County Recreation facilities because we keep them clean, and well maintained. Bathrooms are never an issue and many of our centers have community rooms that have outdoor patios as well. Plus, our rental fees are a fraction of what other area facilities charge. Conveniently located with lots of free parking, you can’t beat it!

Bring your own iPod or Hire a DJ
Our community rooms have plenty of outlets for a DJ to plug in equipment, or you can set up your very own iPod or MP3 player. Tip: spend a few hours making your own special party play list so you don’t have to shuffle through your favorite songs.

Catering Kitchens Help You Serve What You Want
Sure, it’s easy just to order a few pizzas and have some chips and soda, but it’s a special day! Why not have the food you really want. Love Grandma’s fried chicken? Craving your uncles chili? With your rental of a community room, you have full access to the attached catering kitchen where available. Keep food warm, cold, or just out of the way.

Photo Signing or Photo Booth
Sometimes it can take a while for everyone to get on the dance floor. Why not have a few activities planned that will help break the ice and get everyone in a good mood. Bring a large poster that has a large photo connected to whatever you are celebrating. Bring a collection of Sharpie markers and set it out for guests to sign. Everyone will be talking about what they wrote, and the memories it invoked. Set up a “photo booth” in a corner with fun props and a Polaroid camera or portable digital printer can connect to a cell phone. Everyone loves to ‘ham it up’ for the camera and people really come out of their shell when they can hide behind a few props. You can purchase or make your own props including fake mustaches, fun sunglasses, a variety of hats, or an empty frame you can peek through.