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Let Us Help You Plan Your "Staycation," Or Stay-At-Home Vacation

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When we think about vacation, we often picture a resort with a pool and tennis courts, and we see people smiling and laughing, riding bikes, and sightseeing. Lucky for us, Montgomery County Community Recreation Centers offer all of these things and more for a fraction of the cost! We can help you build a vacation filled with activities for the whole family and every night you get to sleep in your own bed.

Resort Activities
If you visualize a resort when you hear the word 'vacation,' we invite you to plan a day at the Germantown Outdoor Pool, the Upper County Pool, or the Martin Luther King, Jr. Swim Center where you can enjoy exciting water features like a rope challenge over the water, float down a lazy river, or zoom down a water slide. These pools have tennis courts nearby where you can practice your serve... just remember to bring your own lemonade and fresh towel. When you need a break indoors, you can head to the game rooms in the community recreation centers nearby to play air hockey, pool, table tennis, and simply enjoy the air conditioning (for MLK pool the closes recreation center is Good Hope).

Try Something New
The key to a memorable staycation is to avoid doing the same things you do during a regular week. Try to visit a playground you have never been to. The playground at the Potomac Community Recreation Center is great for tots, and the playground at the Damascus Community Recreation Center has rubberized flooring which is perfect for bigger kids who will run between climbing features. Sign up for a one-day class where you can learn to cook something outside your usual menu. (382552 Real Thai, Still Real Good), or a weekend drawing workshop (382633 Drawing Summer with Kitt)

Plan a Neighborhood Pick Up Game
Every large resort has someone who coordinates games and activities for guests. You can be your own resort social coordinator or talk to one of our Recreation Center Directors for help in planning a pick-up game of kickball, softball, or basketball. Invite the neighborhood, local family members, and friends to participate. It's sure to be a summer memory you will not soon forget!

Sightsee and Let Us Do The Driving
We can help you be a tourist right in your own back yard because we have over 10 trips planned this summer to shows, water parks, festivals, museums and more! Let us do the driving so you can relax and enjoy the trip from start to finish. All of our trips are done in one day so you can enjoy sleeping in your own bed, and getting up for another fun-filled day of your staycation.