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Softball Fields are Calling You Back! See What’s New…

Adult softball teams are forming for the spring season – check with your friends and co-workers to see who else wants to play! Registration deadline is March 22nd and you can choose to play in a variety of leagues including co-ed, men, women, and seniors (including seniors ages 55+, 60+ as well as day or evening for seniors).

We do not take individual registrations.  However, individuals can call 240-777-6870 and a recreation specialist will add you to the individual listing that team managers will use to fill teams.

If you are interested in registering a team, please visit the adult softball page on the Recreation website and download the flier for more detailed information on leagues, fields, and schedules.

Safety Updates
Team manager should check the updated Illegal Bat List to make sure your team is using bats that are approved for safety by the Amateur Softball Association. In addition to bat list changes, adult softball players should note that the base path distance will be moved to 70 feet (up from 65 feet) to follow the new national standards.
Open Recreation Softball Tournament April 20-21
We are offering a pre-season tournament to help adult softball teams warm up for the season.
All teams are invited to register for the Spring Fever Adult Softball Tournament whether you play with Montgomery County Recreation or a different league! Cost is $295 per team and the tournament will be played at Olney Manor Regional Park and Wheaton Regional Park. For more information about the tournament and to register download the Spring Fever flier.