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Try These Unique Classes for Kids

Is your tot excited to play sports? We offer a number of classes that offer the perfect introduction to a variety of sports that build self-esteem and encourage physical fitness at an early age.

FUNky Monkeys Sports and Games (Ages 3-5) $96
Little ones will have a ball and gain practice following rules and instruction as they develop muscle coordination and socialization skills. Children will play a variety of sports including tag, stick hockey, ball play, and advanced parachute. Parents are welcome but not required to participate. A $5 material fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.
8 sessions starting 4/8
#352019 at Germantown Community Recreation Center, 9:30 -10:15 am

Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 4-5) $130
Children will develop self-confidence, strength, coordination and flexibility in this class. They will get lots of exercise and movement as they learn tumbling exercises like front and back rolls, cartwheels, bridge, handstands and more. Kids will love learning skills for the bar, balance beam and trampoline, too.
7 sessions starting 4/12
#351797 at Gymnastics of America, 10:30 am

Coach Doug Sports School (Age 4-7) $77
In this program kids will focus on a specific sport, which allows them to get comfortable and experience new interests and abilities. The sport will change each session and will include agility training, soccer, t-ball, lacrosse and more. The Coach Doug formula treats each child as a winner with the  goal of building self-esteem, coordination, and other skills within a positive environment.  No parent participation required.
8 sessions starting the week of 4/8 – 4/13
Multiple locations and times. Call 301-983-2690 for details.