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Seniors: Experience History, Go on Safari, and Set Sail with SOAR!

To register for these tours and more visit RecWeb or call 240-777-6840.

Tour Valley Forge National Historical Park with Acclaimed Historian Ed Bears (May 6 or 7, $75)
Ed Bears, retired Chief Historian for the National Park Service, will take us on an exclusive tour of Valley Forge including the soldiers log huts, earthenware fortifications, Washington’s Headquarters, and the Memorial Arch. We will hear unique stories, legends, and learn about the struggle to survive Washington’s winter encampment march-in.
370944 on 5/6 leaving 7:00 am and returning 7:00 pm
370945 on 5/7 leaving 7:00 am and returning 7:00 pm

Tour the Fort McHenry National Park on the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore (May 15, $40)
This is an incredible opportunity to visit historic Fort McHenry, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write our National Anthem. We will see a film with narration by a National Park Ranger, then tour the Fort and enjoy lunch on your own, and sightseeing at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
370947 on 5/15 leaving 8:15 am and returning 3:30 pm

NEW! Guided Safari Tour at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA (May 22, $55)
Enjoy the sights and sounds of herds of exotic, wild animals in their own, wide-open habitat. Over 150 acres of rolling hills for them to roam. We will take a guided, interactive safari tour, then have time to wander the 50 acres of zoo type area, or get real friendly in the petting zoo. The reptile house features a 40-minute show, which will surprise and delight. For more information and to see a full list of animals visit
370948 on 5/22 leaving 7:15 am and returning 6:30 pm

Annual Sailing Trip on the Chesapeake Bay (May 29, $76)
We will sail out of Annapolis and enjoy a 4-hour sail on a 76-foot sailboat manned by a professional captain and crew. We will enjoy a picnic lunch onboard too!
370950 on May 29 leaving 8:15 am and returning 3:30 pm
370951 on May 29 leaving 12:30 pm and returning 7:30 pm