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Your Skills Will Sizzle in the Kitchen with these Classes

Summer Dinner (Ages 15 and up)
#357804 August 31 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Together we’ll cook the perfect light yet flavorful summer dinner with fresh ingredients --  many that have come straight from the market! We’ll make turkey or port cutlets with our chef’s very own chipotle onion gravy (published in Cooking Light magazine). Try a side of butter lettuce salad with hazelnuts and braised fresh greens along with it. Then we’ll top it off with strawberry filled corn cakes and fresh berries and cream. Bring your taste buds and leave with an easy recipe and if you are lucky, some leftovers!

The Pinots (Ages 21 and Up)
#357807 September 6 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center, 7:00  – 10:00 pm
You’ll create and enjoy  a menu that will celebrate the famous family of wine grapes known as the Pinots. From Pinot Noir to Pinot Grigio, to Pinot Muniere , you’ll sample nine different wines as you enjoy the food you have prepared. Come ready to explore a Spanish, French, and American recipe, each that pairs nicely with a Pinot wine. Bring a $20 food fee and your cleansed palate and be ready to explore new flavors!

Potstickers and Dumplings (Ages 15 and up)
#357808 Sept 14 at Ross Boddy Community Recreation Center, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Everyone’s favorite appetizer is surprisingly easy to make, once you know how. Take this recipe home and invite friends or family over for a cooking get together! You will learn how to make the stuffing with shrimp, crab, pork and vegetable. Then you will become a master at folding and sealing the dumplings so that they do not fall apart when cooking. You’ll even cover where to buy the pastry sheets and what kind to buy! Bring an appetite and the $20 food fee for the instructor.