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Rec-Vets Program Offers Veterans the Opportunity to Play Sports in a “Vets Only” League As They Transition Back Into Civilian Life

Starting in September the Recreation Department is proud to offer The Rec-Vets program. Local veterans are encouraged to be active, social and have fun by participating in sports with other Veterans. Lockheed Martin and National Parks and Recreation have partnered to increase adaptive physical activities for returning veterans.  This program is funded by the National Recreation and Parks Association Return & Restore Grant, which was developed to support programming for injured service members and injured veterans. 

Adapted Volleyball Clinics for Veterans
This clinic is only open to veterans and offers two hours of instruction on individual skills and game strategies. Experienced coaches will make adjustments as needed for all ability levels. Participants will learn how to serve, receive shots, and spike during drills and demos. (6 Sessions, $20)
365947  September 9 at Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center from 7:00pm-9:00pm