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Fall Recreation Guide comes out August 9th and Fall Registration Starts August 19th and Aquatics Registration starts August 21

Montgomery County’s number one recreation resource for classes, community events and more comes out August 9th! The Guide is available online as of August 9th and for those who subscribe, you can expect your copy in the mail around this date.

Registration for Fall classes, trips and more starts August 19th so be sure you take a few days to browse the catalogue so you know what course numbers you’ll be entering into RecWeb. If you have forgotten your RecWeb login and account information, email or call 240-777-6840 to retrieve it prior to registering.

If you would like to receive a printed copy of each issue of the Guide, you can subscribe to the Montgomery County Recreation Guide and for just $5 you’ll receive all 5 seasons of The Guide right in your mailbox!

Be sure to sign up for Montgomery County RecAlerts for the latest field and community center information in the event of a storm or other emergency.