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Stop Horsin’ Around and Start Horseback Riding!

Image via @JanineNickel on Instagram

If you have a child that can’t stop talking about horses, or maybe you have always wanted to try riding, NOW is the time! Spring is the perfect time of year to try something new and learning to ride a horse offers several physical and emotional benefits. Horseback riding and learning to work with a large animal offers a great cardio workout and riders use leg muscles they never knew existed! Mentally, riding is a boost to self-confidence, and gives you the opportunity to increase your patience and focus. We offer separate classes for kids and adults/teens. So, what are you waiting for?

Horseback Riding for Young Riders Ages 8-12 (6 sessions, $240)
Learn the basics of horse care and riding including how to groom, saddle, start, stop, and walk and trot with the safety of an adult leading the horse. Parent/adult involvement is required to walk or jog along with the horse. Riders are required to wear long pants and smooth, hard-soled shoes or boots in addition to an approved riding helmet. Bike or other helmets are not allowed.
376320 starting 4/22 at Camp Olympia Stables from 4:45 – 5:15 pm

Horseback Riding for Adults and Teens Ages 13 and Up (6 Sessions, $240)
This is an introductory course for those who have never ridden, or have limited experience. Participants will learn and practice grooming, saddling, leading, and riding at a walk and trot. For safety reasons, long pants and smooth, hard soled shoes are required. No sandals or tennis shoes permitted. Weight limit 200 pounds.
376321 starting 4/22 at Camp Olympia Stables from 5:30 – 6:15pm