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5 Things Adults Love About the Indoor Pool

 Step into any one of our  indoor swim centers and you are welcomed with the sounds of kids splashing, laughing, and shrieking with joy. What you won’t hear is the quiet content of many parents who have come to chaperone those kids, and of other adults who enjoy the indoor swim centers as much as their younger counterparts.  But contented they are.

1. Diving boards – It happens time and again: kids are drawn to the diving boards and then ask their parents to rate their jumps, dives, and cannonballs. Suddenly, the parents simply cannot resist getting on that flexible platform and jumping high into the air, not giving a care to how graceful [or not] their landing might be. Diving boards and platforms bring a thrill to any indoor pool visit. Whatever your age, it feels good to try something that is a little scary, a little silly, and a whole lot of fun!

2. Slides – We challenge you to swish and splash down the long water slide on your next visit to the Germantown Indoor Swim center… without cracking a smile. We bet you can’t do it! There is also a long slide at the Kennedy-Shriver Aquatic Center and smaller slides at the Olney Swim Center.

3. Technology Time Out – With smart phones giving us easy access to email and work, many adults find it harder and harder to take a break. When we break from technology, we get a much-needed mental break as well. Unless you plan to waterproof your phone, it’s best to leave it locked in the locker room. Many adult visitors find the 2-hour recreational swim flies by and they feel more connected after having face-to-face interactions with their kids, or other adults.

4. Regulated Temperature - When it’s cold out, there is no better place to be than the warmth and humidity of an indoor swim center. Your spirits are lifted as quickly as the snow has melted on your boots. Plus, when it’s hot out, it’s still very comfortable at the indoor pools and you don’t need sunscreen!

5. Hot Tub – Need we say more?

 For more information on the indoor swim centers including hours of operation and recreation swims, visit