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Water Fitness Classes

When it’s too cold outside to run and you are getting sick of your normal gym routine, it’s time to trade in your sneakers for a swim suit and join a water fitness class. Many athletes turn to the pool to switch up their winter workout. Water workouts provide excellent cardiovascular and strength training benefits. Instead of weights, the water provides resistance training. Our natural buoyancy in the water means less stress on joints and muscles, which reduces the chance of injury and soreness. 

We offer a large range of water fitness classes that can be tailored for any fitness level. See page 11 of The Winter Guide for specific class locations and times.

Some water fitness classes have the option to use special equipment to help with flotation or resistance. A water belt is used for deep water running classes to keep the body comfortably submerged but the head well above the water line so that arms and legs benefit from the resistance in the water.  Gloves and water dumbbells offer additional resistance to work the arms, shoulders and back. Water shoes can protect feet for a class done in the shallow end of the pool. Some water shoes provide extra support for high impact classes while others offer ankle support. Most classes provide water equipment for loan or purchase if it is a requirement for the class. Participants are encouraged to call the course instructor for their class to find out about optional water equipment.

Water Boot Camp (9 sessions, $48)
This high intensity workout will burn calories as participants move through an interval training routine that includes traditional running, jumping, plyometrics and water aerobics moves.

Aqua Cardio Challenge (9 sessions, $48)
This class meets in the shallow end of the pool to give you the cardio challenge you want to burn calories, build strength and endurance.

Aqua Zumba (9 sessions, $48)
Just like the Zumba dance classes on land, we’ll be moving and grooving to Latin inspired dance moves and music in the shallow end of the pool for added resistance. Great for muscles, great for your cardiovascular system, Zumba is the FUN way to workout in the water!

Abs and Glutes (9 sessions, $48)
We’ll head to the shallow end of the pool for this high energy class that will help you strengthen and sculpt your abs and glutes. Gloves are recommended and can be purchased at class.

Aqua Yo-Lates (9 sessions, $48)
By blending yoga and Pilates in the water, this class is specially designed to improve range of motion, and strengthen the whole body through gentle movement sequences, and resistance from the water.

Deep Water Running (9 sessions, $48)
Deep water running is the perfect exercise for runners, tri-athletes, those recovering from an injury, or anyone who wants a cardio workout that works all muscle groups. Wearing a water belt which can be purchased at the pool, participants work on water running technique and drills.

Water Aerobics (9 sessions, $48)
This is a high-intensity workout done in the pool to relieve pressure and stress on feet, knees and lower back. The emphasis is on cardio conditioning and the program can be modified for any fitness level.

Water Exercise (9 sessions, $48)
This is a multi-level fitness class that uses water resistance to improve range of motion, strengthen muscle, and work the cardiovascular system.